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SAP Consultancy

Vanture ESS places at its clients' disposal a highly qualified team of consultants with a deep spirit of service.

In Vanture, we offer a predictive consulting service, through which we anticipate to our clients' needs and facilitate the decision making process.

Our commitment and flexibility is always inside our client's scope, which make us adopt a win to win relationship.

In order to guarantee our success, we are able to offer a preliminary consultancy service that evaluates the SAP systems condition of our possible clients so as to suggest the better course of action.

In this respect we offer our clients the possibility to make Opportunity of Improvement Studies. These studies begin with the analysis of the current situation (this phase is made under a criteria of mutual commitments and it may be for free) and it continues with a functional and technological GAP Analysis and a set of recommendations that are finally studied together with the client to obtain a medium or long term lines of improvements plan (we include the parameterization of new functionalities and necessary developments taking advantage of the whole potential the SAP Solutions have).

In addition, Vanture ESS offers Project Management and Program Management services, which together with the application of Hypercube methodologies, property of Vanture, and SAP's Asap Focus, provide to our clients the safety and quality necessary for the ideal development of their projects.

Vanture is a consultant company dedicated to provide Outsourcing and ICT global services to enterprises. From the planning to the implanting and supporting of the developed projects, Vanture gives global solutions and provides integral technological covering to the enterprises.