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Public Administration

With the appearance and the development of the Information Society, the Public Administration has to be up-dated on the new forms of communication.

Concatel counts on a wide experience in projects for the Public Administration that allows it to offer great quality services. Among them, we include:

• Portal Generator - Tools that allow an easy creation, configuration and administration of web portals with great quantities of information.

• Municipal intranets - Development of municipal intranets to improve the efficiency of the employees and to bring the Administration over to the citizens. Through the creation of an intranet, the Administrations can integrate efforts, coordinate resources and simplify the internal communications.

• Extranet of joint services - Development of virtual private networks that allow the sharing of information and services among different Administrations.

• On-line Operations - Design, preparation and development of administrative on-line operations. With this service, any Town hall or Public Administration will automate many of the administrative processes, facilitate the operations of the citizens and increase the offered services.

• Regional DTTV - Management tools for the transmission of audio-visual contents on the multimedia channels.

• Documentary management - Use of technology and procedures that allow the management and the unified access to the information generated in the organization.

• Libraries - Management Tools for libraries and large amounts of information.

• Fines and mobility management Application – Development of an on-line mobility tool for the daily control management of the public road (vehicles, people, shops) that keeps the municipal agent constantly connected to the Central Services of the Town hall, covering all his management needs.

• Municipal fleets – Design and implantation of solutions specially indicated for fleet management. Thanks to a strategic alliance with Interfacom, Concatel has access to the distribution of cutting-edge fleet management hardware and software using GPS localization technology and GPRS data transfer.

• Microsites - Microsites are a cost-effective solution, ideal for the launching of new products, promotions and actions aimed to advertise a service; or simply answer the need of communicating more directly with the target public.

• Virtual Shopping Centres - Development of Virtual Shopping Centres as an ideal solution for small enterprises to generate new income, reaching new markets, increasing their sales and obtaining a sustained growth.

• Real Estate Tax management – An application easy to consult and administrate for the management and organization of all the tax details and economic information of the Estate Tax of all the neighbours. This service contributes in a significantly form to improve the services offered to the community.

Vanture is a consultant company dedicated to provide Outsourcing and ICT global services to enterprises. From the planning to the implanting and supporting of the developed projects, Vanture gives global solutions and provides integral technological covering to the enterprises.