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Nowadays, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a high competitive advantage contribution for companies that decide to take out it, since by outsourcing non-core business processes they can focus on the development and improvement of core competencies.

The outsourcing of the business processes requires a business and its functional unit’s analysis to take its own management and maintenance to external companies. This service implies a total transfer of responsibility to the outsourced business functions that can include, among other things, transaction processing, complaints management, human resources, finance, etc.

Some of the benefits of this service are:
• Increase of the productivity
• Reduction of the operational costs
• Improvement of the offered services
• Cost saving. Our BPO's activities centre on economic and financial administration, personnel management and purchasing.
• Finance
• Human Resources: outsourcing of specialized activities (recruitment and outplacement), ordinary administration of personnel (salaries and retirement pensions) and advising on human resources (legal and labour advising).
• Commercial Systems

Vanture is a consultant company dedicated to provide Outsourcing and ICT global services to enterprises. From the planning to the implanting and supporting of the developed projects, Vanture gives global solutions and provides integral technological covering to the enterprises.