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Banking And Insurances

Due to the vast experience in banking and insurance areas of our board of directors, Concatel has a wide range of solutions for these sectors.

Concatel's solutions for banking area cover the whole banking and transactional processes of the financial activity. Our solutions are focused, among other things, on the following activities and business areas:

• Capital market and Treasury
Development of new treasury management tools: virtual office on Internet, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week that allows receiving and managing all the information of accounts and bank operations

• Assets Operations
o Mortgage loans
o Personal loans
o Bank guarantees

• Liabilities Operations
Development of solutions that allow managing large volumes of deposit transactions in a more efficient way.

• Customer Relationship Management
Development of solutions focused on developing processes that help to synchronize, coordinate and manage the interaction with the clients of the different channels in a profitable way.

• Values
o Deposits
o Loans
o Broker on-line
o Buying and Selling, Subscription, Takeover Bids, IPO's, Splits …

• Foreign Trade
o Letters of credit (Import / Export)
o Documentary remittance

• International Payments
Solutions aimed to adapt the Transactional Banking business to the new European environment

• National Compensation and checks
Development of management and support solutions of the National System of Electronic Compensation (NSEC). Image-based check clearing

• Para-Banking operations
o Leasing
o Renting
o Factoring
o Confirming

• Risks
Combination of solutions that cover all the aspects of the risks management, from development of the strategy to its implementation.

• Documentary Digitalization
o Digitalization of contracts and digital signatures obtaining
o Solutions for documentary management
o Image-based clearing (checks, receipts, etc.)

• Internet
o Portal development
o Implantation of contents managers
o Working intranet and extranet development


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