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SII Group

SII Group is a multinational company with presence in thirteen countries (Argentina, Belgium, Chili, Czech Republic, France, India, Germany, Luxemburg, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Spain and Switzerland) created in 1979. It specifically has thirteen technical centres in Europe, two in Latin America and one in Africa. Regarding this, Vanture is the company in charge of the business activity and technological innovation in Spain, Argentina and Romania.


SII Group has the strength, experience and enthusiasm of more than 4.250 people working in four continents, with international character, diversity of languages and multidisciplinary activities, together with a global and consistent business concept that allows synergies to produce the maximum competitiveness, professionalism and service quality. The numbers also guarantee our project since we got an income of more than 285 million Euros during the last year.  

Because of this, SII counts on the trust and support of leader companies in different business areas. These are companies that bet on the customized service developed by our Team. SII highlights its innovative aspect in the following areas: 

• Aerospace
• Public Administration
• Food
• Automobile Industry
• Bank and Insurances
• Defense
• Distribution
• Industry
• Telecommunications 
• Transport
• Health
• Information Technology
• Utilities

The Group is aware of the particular idiosyncrasy of the technological environment, where there is always a dynamic, creative and ongoing learning spirit to take control of innovation and provide preventive solutions to the present and future needs of each entity. Therefore, SII devotes lots of energy to the R+D+i development and guarantees excellence in all its activities with the quality management standards.

Vanture is a consultant company dedicated to provide Outsourcing and ICT global services to enterprises. From the planning to the implanting and supporting of the developed projects, Vanture gives global solutions and provides integral technological covering to the enterprises.