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Process Consultancy

In consultancy processes, design consists of the development of the functional specifications of the logical information model systems that want to be improved.

• Reengineering
Service that includes the reconfiguration of the activities and processes of a company through a new systems configuration with the aim of achieving a significant increase on profitability, productivity, time of response and quality.

• Documentary Management
Due to its experience, Vanture counts on a top-notch documentary management division.

With more than 3.000 projects of documentary management carried out for the principal organizations, institutions, and private and public companies of this country, Vanture offers a top-level service that contemplates:

Consultancy and process design
The design and implementation of a documentary structure not always corresponds with the organization- charts of the company or entity that needs it. For this reason, it is necessary to keep track of the information in order to implement an effective method of management of the corporate information.

Concatel and Doc6 have specific products for each documentary management need.

Electronic resources
Due to our alliance with Doc6, we can offer access to resources of external information, having some of the most important editors of professional electronic information among them.
In addition, we also supply professional databases, electronic magazines, electronic books and access to the original documents.

Global Outsourcing of documentary infrastructures
Our outsourcing service includes, among other things, the following services:
- Outsourcing services for data entry, scanning, cataloguing, etc.
- Service of data treatment and conversion.
- Cataloguing of bibliographical or documentary funds.

Digitalization, physical and computer store, physical and computer logistics.

Vanture is a consultant company dedicated to provide Outsourcing and ICT global services to enterprises. From the planning to the implanting and supporting of the developed projects, Vanture gives global solutions and provides integral technological covering to the enterprises.