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Program Management

program managementThrough the Program Management service, Vanture ESS makes responsible for all the aspects involved in the implantation projects. The aim of this service is to make profits and to maximize the productivity of the resources shared among the different projects and departments while managing everything in a global way.

Project Office
In order to provide an optimum Program Management service, Vanture ESS builds a Projects Office in charge of establishing the teams, the means and the channels of communication needed for the coordination of the implantation with the aim of getting an agile and coordinated use of all the implied resources.

The concrete objectives of the Projects Office are to establish and agree on the organization of the Project; assign resources and responsibilities and define the mechanisms of reporting and control.

Quality Control
The Vanture ESS Program Management service includes Quality control to guarantee the performance of the required functions and the right platform production.
Aware of the fact that each part of the Project always requires specific actions, the team in charge of this aspect of the project carries out a definition of procedures of control and quality management for all the Projects Office processes. Besides, it also makes sure about the control application in both, the design and the reengineering of SAP processes and migration through the use of procedures and tools of planning y projects control.

Risk Management
The implantation of these kinds of projects implies an important risk that companies can not ignore.  The SMEs that have low budgets and few human resources can not afford the luxury of mailing, the must fix dates for the SAP ERP implantation, and they cannot undergo deviations that prevent the projects from be finished in the stipulated time planned from the start.

In this sense, is absolutely important to count on a work team dedicated to the risk management who detect any kind of risk that may appear and minimize its impact on the Project. Vanture ESS uses the Risk Management methodology that provides a solid frame of identification and prioritization of risks.

The risk management developed by Vanture ESS allows us not only to identify possible risks but also prevents possible problems and take measures to cover this eventuality.

Vanture is a consultant company dedicated to provide Outsourcing and ICT global services to enterprises. From the planning to the implanting and supporting of the developed projects, Vanture gives global solutions and provides integral technological covering to the enterprises.